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Hong auspicious division (liaoning) refractory material co., LTD., with annual capacity of 300000 tons of high-end regeneration project is located in liaoning yingkou refractory gaizhou city green stone mountain town, covers an area of 150 mu, building area of 60000 square meters, equipment more than 170 Taiwan (sets), including the automatic batching system, environmental protection electric drying kiln, large hydraulic press, environmental protection equipment and related auxiliary equipment.


We are committed to scientific research, development and production of high performance shaped free brick and unshaped refractories as well as a variety of steel and iron kiln masonry. We provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services, open cooperation with the industry's ecological partners, increase business gateways, continue to create value for customers, release personal potential, stimulate organizational innovation. We insist on continuous innovation around customer needs, increase investment in basic research, accumulate and develop steadily, and promote technological progress! At present, the design and production of two series, more than 100 kinds of products, widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical building materials, electrolytic aluminum industry and other high temperature kiln. Main products include: styling converter, ladle with magnesium carbon brick and aluminum magnesium carbon brick, spinel brick of magnesium carbon brick, aluminum, carbon brick, low carbon, air brick, nozzle block, hot metal ladle, tundish with aluminum silicon carbide carbon brick series, skateboard, shuikou, environment-friendly stemming, drainage agent and regeneration of magnesium carbon brick and carbonless corundum brick, the synthetic spinel material, etc.; Unshaped resistant materials include ladle castable, tundish dry vibration material, daub material, blast furnace drawing hook material, various fire mud for masonry, other self-flow castable, low cement and high strength castable, steel fiber reinforced castable, etc.


We rely on customers, adhere to customer-centric, through innovative products to create value for customers. At present, we have reached cooperation intention with many large and medium-sized steel enterprises at home and abroad, and signed supply contracts with Tangshan Zongheng Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., Tiangang Joint Special Steel Co., Ltd., and Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Manufacturing Materials Co., Ltd. We adhere to the principle of quality competition, advanced technology for development, and good faith for customer service. Internally, we rely on the employees who strive hard, and take strivers as our foundation, so that the contributors can get reasonable returns. Build a win-win ecosystem with suppliers, partners, industry organizations and research institutions to promote technological progress and industrial development. We take "the pursuit of excellence, strive for innovation, harmonious development, benefit the society" as the enterprise goal, warmly welcome businessmen from all walks of life to visit our company, guidance. We will be "excellent quality, good reputation, thoughtful service" and friends from all walks of life sincere cooperation, create a better future!


Hongxiang Zhongke (Liaoning) Refractory Material Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou Huaxiang Refractories Co., Ltd.)

Address: Zhudian Village, Qingshiling Town, Yingkou Gaizhou city, Liaoning Province, China Postal Code: 450041 Website: www.hxref.com

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